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Explorations in New Cinema History - Approaches and Case Studies
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Explorations in New Cinema History - Approaches and Case Studies
von: Richard Maltby, Daniel Biltereyst, Philippe Meers
Wiley-Blackwell, 2011
ISBN: 9781444396393
349 Seiten, Download: 7538 KB
Format:  PDF
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  Explorations in New Cinema History: Approaches and Case Studies 5  
     Contents 7  
     Notes on Contributors 9  
     Acknowledgements 14  
     Part 1 Mapping Cinema Experiences 15  
        1 New Cinema Histories 17  
        2 Reimagining the History of the Experience of Cinema in a Post-Moviegoing Age 55  
        3 Putting Cinema History on the Map: Using GIS to Explore the Spatiality of Cinema 72  
        4 What to do with Cinema Memory? 99  
     Part 2 Distribution, Programming and Audiences 113  
        5 Social Class, Experiences of Distinction and Cinema in Postwar Ghent 115  
        6 Distribution and Exhibition in The Netherlands, 1934–1936 139  
        7 Patterns in First-Run and Suburban Filmgoing in Sydney in the mid-1930s 154  
        8 From Hollywood to the Garden Suburb (and Back to Hollywood): Exhibition and Distribution in Australia 173  
        9 Hollywood and its Global Audiences: A Comparative Study of the Biggest Box Office Hits in the United States and Outside the United States Since the 1970s 185  
        10 Blindsiding: Theatre Owners, Political Action and Industrial Change in Hollywood, 1975–1985 199  
     Part 3 Venues and their Publics 211  
        11 ‘No Hits, No Runs, Just Terrors’: Exhibition, Cultural Distinctions and Cult Audiences at the Rialto Cinema in the 1930s and 1940s 213  
        12 Going Underground with Manny Farber and Jonas Mekas: New York’s Subterranean Film Culture in the 1950s and 1960s 226  
        13 Searching for the Apollo: Black Moviegoing and its Contexts in the Small-Town US South 240  
        14 Film Distribution in the Diaspora: Temporality, Community and National Cinema 257  
     Part 4 Cinema, Modernity and the Local 275  
        15 The Social Biograph: Newspapers as Archives of the Regional Mass Market for Movies 277  
        16 Modernity for Small Town Tastes: Movies at the 1907 Cooperstown, New York, Centennial 294  
        17 Silent Film Genre, Exhibition and Audiences in South India 309  
        18 The Last Bemboka Picture Show: 16 mm Cinema as Rural Community Fundraiser in the 1950s 324  
     Index 336  

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