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A New Companion to Digital Humanities
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A New Companion to Digital Humanities
von: Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, John Unsworth
Wiley-Blackwell, 2015
ISBN: 9781118680636
592 Seiten, Download: 11791 KB
Format: EPUB
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This highly-anticipated volume has been extensively revised to reflect changes in technology, digital humanities methods and practices, and institutional culture surrounding the valuation and publication of digital scholarship.

  • A fully revised edition of a celebrated reference work, offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of research currently available in this rapidly evolving discipline
  • Includes new articles addressing topical and provocative issues and ideas such as retro computing, desktop fabrication, gender dynamics, and globalization
  • Brings together a global team of authors who are pioneers of innovative research in the digital humanities
  • Accessibly structured into five sections exploring infrastructures, creation, analysis, dissemination, and the future of digital humanities
  • Surveys the past, present, and future of the field, offering essential research for anyone interested in better understanding the theory, methods, and application of the digital humanities

Susan Schreibman is Professor of Digital Humanities and Director of An Foras Feasa, the Institute for Research in Irish Historical & Cultural Traditions at NUI Maynooth. Her research in the digital humanities ranges from text encoding and the creation of digital scholarly editions, to more recent interests in virtual worlds and data mining. She is the co-editor of A Companion to Digital Literary Studies (with Ray Siemens, Wiley Blackwell, 2007), and the founding editor of several web-based projects, including Letters of 1916 (hhtp://letters1916.ie), The Thomas MacGreevy Archive (http://macgreevy.org), Irish Resources in the Humanities (hhtp://irith.org), and The Versioning Machine (http://v-machine.org), a tool to edit and visualize multiple versions of deeply-encoded text.

Ray Siemens is Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing and Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Victoria. In 2014 he received the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations' Antonio Zampolli Prize for outstanding scholarly achievement in humanities computing. Dr. Siemens has published numerous articles on the intersection of literary studies and computational methods and is the co-editor of A Companion to Digital Literary Studies (with Susan Schreibman, Wiley Blackwell, 2007) and Literary Studies in the Digital Age: An Evolving Anthology (with Kenneth M. Price, 2013), the MLA's first born digital open access anthology. http://web.uvic.ca/-siemens/.

John Unsworth is Professor of English, Vice Provost for Library and Technology Services, Chief Information Office, and University Librarian at Brandeis University. In August of 2013, he was appointed by President Obama to serve on the National Humanities Council. A co-founder of Postmodern Culture, the first peer-reviewed electronic journal in the humanities, he organized, incorporated, and chaired the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium; co-chaired the Modern Language Association's Committee on Scholarly Editions; served as President of the Association for Computers and the Humanities and later as chair of the steering committee for the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations; as well as serving on many other editorial and advisory boards.

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