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Justice, Education and the Politics of Childhood - Challenges and Perspectives
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Justice, Education and the Politics of Childhood - Challenges and Perspectives
von: Johannes Drerup, Gunter Graf, Christoph Schickhardt, Gottfried Schweiger
Springer-Verlag, 2016
ISBN: 9783319273891
267 Seiten, Download: 2932 KB
Format: PDF
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This volume contributes to the ongoing interdisciplinary controversies about the moral, legal and political status of children and childhood. It comprises essays by scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds on diverse theoretical problems and public policy controversies that bear upon different facets of the life of children in contemporary liberal democracies. The book is divided into three major parts that are each organized around a common general theme. The first part ('Children and Childhood: Autonomy, Well-Being and Paternalism') focusses on key concepts of an ethics of childhood. Part two ('Justice for Children') contains chapters that are concerned with the topics of justice for children and justice during childhood. The third part ('The Politics of Childhood') deals with issues that concern the importance of `childhood´ as a historically contingent political category and its relevance for the justification and practical design of political processes and institutions that affect children and families. 

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